Uncharted vs Tomb Raider series: Who you rolling With?

Nathan Drake is curious.. Lara Croft is dying to know…. Who are you rolling with? Uncharted or Tomb Raider!

With Tomb Raider ” Rise of the Tomb Raider ” coming out next month and Uncharted 4 “A Thief ‘ s End” coming early 2016 it only makes sense to ask the question: Who You Rolling With? Two gaming franchises that sit at the top of the action/adventure genre. Two IP’s that heavily borrow and mirror one another now collide for your reading enjoyment.

Let start with Tomb Raider .. Lara Croft is the clear vet of the two. Tomb Raider first appeared on the Sega Saturn but was mostly recognize as a PS1 game (not that many people purchased the Sega Saturn). Lara helped build and shape the foundation/template that Uncharted and many other games in the genre utilize still to this day. She is the original O.G..

Lara Croft was the sexy female tomb raider who could hold her own against anyone rather they be of this world or otherwise… polarizing and in many ways controversial ..the Tomb Raider IP was popular enough to recieve its very own movie screen adaptation with Angela Jolie playing the role of Lara Croft. Tomb Raider is a 20yr old franchise that managed to reinvent itself in the 7th Generation making an impact on the morden gamer maintaining it’s relevance & reestablishing its greatness.. reminding her younger counterpart she still got the goods.

Now let’s look at Nathan Drake and the Uncharted franchise. Nathan Drake is the true son and heir to Indiana Jones thrown (sorry Shia LaBeouf but you didn’t cut it)… you could easily call Uncharted the untold stories of Indiana Jones.. because Naughty Dog basically remade Harrison Ford with the Nathan Drake character and in many was Naughty Dog did better then George Lucas and Steven Spielberg with the 4th Indiana Jones “Crystal Skull”.

Uncharted is a great franchise.. if there is one IP that truly merges the video game experience with the summer big screen blockbuster experience then Uncharted is that IP..  Uncharted made its debut on the PS3 but it was received with mix results. It was a decent game with a lot of great things going for it…. Uncharted “Drakes Fortune” had a lot of potential that if realized could produce a game that could break records … and with Uncharted 2 “Among Thieves” Naughty Dog did just that. Uncharted 2 cemented the Uncharted IP as a premier franchise and Nathan Drake as the new face of “Playstation” usurping Kratos.. with Uncharted 3 doing nothing to push forward and nothing (thankfully) to hurt the franchise… Uncharted 4 is setting the stage to be something special for the PS4 (there’s little to indicate that it wouldn’t be) ..

Now let’s get back to the original question.. Who you rolling with? Now understand you can’t say both lol.. you much choose 1 or the other. Is it Lara Croft & Tomb Raider or Nathan Drake Uncharted?

For many that might be a heard question. I could say Tomb Raider since Uncharted did borrow many of its idea’s form the template and foundation set by Tomb Raider O.G, but then I would have to take into consideration that the rebooted Tomb Raider borrowed a lot of its game structure from Uncharted. So basically Crystal Dynamics “Tomb Raider” borrowed a lot of the innovations from Uncharted which Naughty Dog creators of “Uncharted” borrowed from Tomb Raider O.G… WOW!! So Tomb Raider is a product of innovations that where improvement off of its own oringal innovation…. Mind Blown!!

So again …. Who you rolling with?

While the innovations of both IP’s make for a great topic and most likely debate … thats not what we have to look at to make a choice between the two because both are Great IP’S and are very good at what they do.

The new Tomb Raider series has taken on a much darker story driven experience… with a young Lara Croft who isn’t as skilled as the original. This dynamic creates an experience that requires the gamer to learn how to survive with an inexperienced Lara Croft.. her agility and combat skills are greatly reduced. This is an action game that you have to survive … you are indeed outmatched but your will to overcome is what will carry you through as you unravel the mystery hidden within the storyline

Uncharted on the other hand is an action adventure through and through. No learning curve here …it’s just you in a world meant to be explored and dominated by you through Nathan Drake… Its pure entertainment …pulse pounding action that never stops nor takes itself too serious… Nathan is Indiana Jones.. the jokes are there, the chrismas is there, the knockout punches and gunslinging action is there.. all for your gaming enjoyment.. as you too seek out the hidden secrets of the plot and storyline!

So the question still remains.. Who you rolling with? …….. for me right now I would have to say Uncharted but with “Rise of the Tomb Raider” right around the corner that might all change… we will see!!!

Leave your thoughts in the comments section and let me know…

          “Who You Rolling With”?

  • Although I really liked 2013's release of Tomb Raider. I would have to go with my boy Nathan Drake: Story and Gameplay wise. But you seriously can't go wrong with choosing any of these IP's.

  • I 100% agree!! Thanks for the comment and support!!

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