What Should Nintendo do for the next “Nintendo Direct”?

What should Nintendo do for their next Nintendo Direct? How should they appoarch it?

The reason I ask is for the simple fact that there has been a lot to transpire post E3 2015 at Nintendo that it has me curious. Their Nintendo Directs have become a important and defining part of Nintendo. Every 3 to 4 months we are blessed with a Nintendo Direct …a direct line of communication from Nintendo to there loyal fans and consumers.

Iwata (R.I.P) introduced something that made all Nintendo fans & comsumers feel important and appreciated. No longer did we have to wait til E3 to know whats going on at Nintendo… No longer did we have to get our Nintendo news through second party sites. No No No… Nintendo brought their news directly to you, me and who ever was interested in knowing. Mini E3’s scattered throughout the year was fresh and innovative. Funny how a company many claim to be dated are consistently changing the game.. but I regress lol..

The Excitement display via tweeter and other social media sites fueled our expectation and anticipation… sometimes causing underwhelmed and very disappointed viewing fans. Yet the Nintendo Directs are very much now a none negotiable expected occurrence for us fans (bet not discontinue the Directs cause there would be some furniture moving going on around here lol) ..we got to have them

Now that we know that the Nintendo Directs are still coming how does Nintendo need to handle them? With The passing of iconic president “President Satoru Iwata” how should they appoarch the first one since his passing? Nintendo has a new President and a lot to share with us concern N.X,  plus the delayed Star Fox Zero to 2016.

How big should this Nintendo Direct be? How much should they deal with? What should their focus be? A lot of questions… few asnwers

Leave me your thoughts in the comment section….

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