Why So Serious?

Why I’m so hard on this generation of gaming?
I want better games period. I’m tired of giving companies passes. People are telling me that I’m to hard on this generation and that I expect to much or my expectations are to high well I say fuck what they talking about cause I have every right to expect better gaming from each generation I move onto.

Part of it is probably my age and the fact that I grew up with games and they have progressed with each generation so I’ve come to expect that with each new console. But it’s been a year and I still have yet to play a game that says yes this is a new generation. Dont get me wrong we have some great looking games but that’s basically where the next Gen stops in the graphics department.

I recently asked what people thought were the best games this Gen so far and unsurprisingly the majority said left for dead, Master Chief collection, GTA5 and Destiny. The latter being the only new game in the bunch. But it has some issues of its own but that’s another story. It’s sad that the games people think are the best are basically last Gen games. Why are last generation games out shining all the new games? The next runner-up on the list are indie games. Now people mistake what I say when I say I didn’t buy next Gen console to play indie games. It doesn’t mean they aren’t good but let’s be real they are not pushing the limits of the Console and could be played on any of the last Gen consoles or handheld. 

To further explain my point I look to two of my favorite games of last generation skyrim and GtaV. Skyrim is a massive open world game that is not only beautiful to look at but is filled with so much content you can fit several games single player campaigns in it and still wouldn’t equal the amount of content that game has. But you don’t see that level of dedication in development with these so called next Gen games. It seems like we got less content more graphics and more dlc. This is a cross the board.

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