Why The Jets Should Trade For Mike Glennon (Part 3)

Having a great discussion on Twitter today with @ConnorJRogers has me not only wanting to do a part 3 to this topic but I will ultimately do a video speaking specfically on this converstion of ours….which both this blog and the eventual video I will send to Connor.

Before I begin, I am following Connor Rogers and I really respect his work. I simply feel like he has it wrong on Mike Glennon. This isnt any way to bash him or trash his work, this is simply to show that Mike Glennon is a good quarterback in a bad situation. The reason why I dedicate this to Rogers is because as a follower of him, I respect most of his work, but because I’ve had a more detailed look into Mike Glennon given that I’ve sat and  watched every single snap he’s taken as a professional last year. I felt the need to bring to light more of Glennon’s plays just so people can get a bit more clarity on Glennon. I am by no means saying that Glennon is some elite QB, but I do get alot of people criticizing him and when I ask “Have you watched his games” the conversation either goes silent or I find out that they’re just regurgitating what they heard someone else say. So let me say that, do not take what I say as the end all be all, this is only my perspective based on what my eyes have interpreted. In otherwords, its an opinion. I fully expect and welcome disagreements. More importantly, if you want to get the low-down on Mike Glennon, or any player for that matter, then watch the games for yourself!

As people who have seen my work already know, I’ve become a HUGE Mike Glennon fan just by watching his games. I try my best to stay as level headed as possible, but I do admit publicly that what I see in Mike Glennon’s game gets me excited, along with the fact that the Jets could possibly trade for him. I think the obvious dismissal of Glennon by Coach Lovie Smith was just a stubborn mistake by a man who simply didnt want a QB that was drafted by another coaching staff/FO that wasn’t his own (Just my opinion). Watching how the Josh McCown/Glennon situation transpired, most of all watching week 17 of 2014 and how Lovie Smith pulled every starter on the Bucs in order to lose the game to secure his #1 spot in the draft (Jameis Winston), yet DIDN’T pull McCown out of the game for Mike Glennon really told me alot and should tell the story for many others who paid attention

So, I will move along and show you:

Nice Accurate Intermediate/Deep Passing Plays From The Pocket

I just want to show some of the nice plays that you can see from Glennon. Not all are completed passes given some are just phenomenal plays by the defense or dropped passes by the receiver. The passes were still great nonetheless and will give you an idea of his accuracy, which is the purpose. I really like how a few of these passes travel long distances or through tight windows yet the ball is thrown directly to the eyes of the receiver. This is a dimension that Mike Glennon can add that would be an immediate upgrade to a guy like Ryan Fitzpatrick who I believe was worst in the league completing only 20% of his deep passes.

   photo 9.gif photo Ali Marpet.gif  photo Marpet Alternate.gif  photo Tavarres King Drop.gif  photo 2015-04-11 17_41_18.gif  photo 2015-04-11 17_23_45.gif  photo 7.gif  photo 6.gif  photo Glennon TD reversed.gif  photo Vincent Jackson ending TD.gif  photo superb 1.gif  photo superb 2.gif  photo Jackson 1st down.gif  photo Great pass.gif  photo Evans catch.gif  photo Evans catch v.2.gif  photo 45 yard Incomp TD.gif  photo drop pass 2nd and 10.gif

 So as we can see, there is some talent in Mike Glennnon and it shows up on tape if you watch enough of it. I encourage anyone who would like to know more about Mike glennon to simply get a NFL GamePass/Rewind account and just watch all of his games. It took me 2 weeks two watch all 19 games and that was before going through each one at a time creating GIF’s. Again, Mike Glennon isnt a perfect QB, but it must be taken into consideration that This footage is from his rookie and sophomore years in the league. This is also a guy who was with an organisation that really didnt have a conducive environment, not with Schiano or Lovie Smith. People love to talk about how he didnt produce with all these “weapons” yet Vincent Jackson has his 2nd most productive season of his career in total yards with a rookie Mike Glennon throwing to him, and he broke 1,000 yards the following year as well. Mike Evans started out his career averaging less than 50 yards and 0 TD’s in his first 3 games with McCown, yet when McCown got injured and Glennon stepped in, Mike Evans recorded his first 100 yard game AND averaged a TD per game though the four total games he’s ever played with Glennon. That is actually a topic in itself. People love to talk about Glennon’s targets, as if Glennon played a bunch with Mike Evans. Of Glennon’s 19 games, he’s only played for with Mike Evans. The majority of the time it was only Vincent Jackson, and you can go and see the type of stats Vincent was putting up with Glennon. The numbers were pretty damn good. Also, Glennon (and McCown) could not count on their receivers and YAC (yards after catch. Look at this sheet here. Its an Airtime vs. YAC on every TD throw of 2014. Look who’s dead last on that list. Mike Glennon, furthermore, look who’s right above him…Josh McCown. It goes to show that sometimes looking at receivers names and suddenly just assuming that someone is a failure is not always accurate. Neither is just looking at someone’s stats. If Glennon (Or McCown) was not throwing the ball in the endzone then the Bucs werent getting any TD passes because the WR’s were not breaking tackles and picking up YAC like other big men would (Brandon Marshall anyone???).

   photo Airtime vs YAC.jpg

 Until next time folks….stay classy! JetiKnight out!