Why the NY Jets should trade for Mike Glennon. Part 1.

Now before I begin, yes I know that many Jets fans are comfortable with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yes I know that RG3 is as of this date visiting the Jets facility. With that said, I think that the Jets should be looking in the direction of Mike Glennon. Many people talk about Glennon’s inability to run and scramble for big gains. For some reason people have taken this fact and somehow associated it with his pocket presence, as some sort of inability in the pocket. This is very far from the truth. Here are a few general examples of Mike Glennon’s game and why I feel like the New York Jets have an opportunity to trade for their franchise QB. Keep in mind, everything that I say in this article about Mike Glennon in terms of ability/performance will be backed up with GIF’s in order to show that this isnt just me being overly dramatic, rather this being Mike Glennon’s actual attributes/qualities that he could bring to the Jets football team.

#1 Situational awareness and extending broken plays.  photo Glennon TD atl.gif photo 2015-04-11 17_38_01.gif photo 2015-04-11 17_32_05.gif

These are examples that clearly show Glennon’s ability to not only extend a play with his feet but to throw dead accurate passes under pressure for touchdowns even off of his back foot. His awareness of the pocket is very good and he understands how to use his athleticism to avoid potential sacks and convert these broken plays into scoring drives. Look at that play against Atlanta and see Glennon’s awareness to get as close to the out-of-bounds line as he could get while NEVER ONCE turning his head from down field to actually look at his place on the field. Mike Glennon keeps his head down the field at all times which shows that he has a feel for the pocket/his surroundings outside the pocket. This is a trait that all too often goes unnoticed or unappreciated because it doesnt come with its own set of stats. Mike Glennon can feel the pocket and make adjustments while at all times keeping his head down the field looking for a target…on top of the fact that when extending the play Glennon can throw passes that are accurate in order to take advantage of extending the play to begin with. Something that also is great that he does is his ability to throw an accurate football while at the same time turning his shoulder in order to protect himself from an incoming hit. Mike Glennon does this almost as well as a guy considered an “Iron man” in this league and is actually the best at the shoulder-role…Eli Manning. Glennon shows alot of similarities to Manning with his pocket play and ability to throw an accurate pass after extending the play all while protecting himself after the release. Im not sure if you’ve noticed, but you’ve never heard of Glennon getting hurt on a play, and this is a guy who’s taken some shots given that offensive line of 2013/2014. Glennon is a very capable QB who will be available on Sundays.

   photo 4.gif

Above is another great GIF of Glennon’s pocket awareness. Glennon has a blitzer coming straight at him, completely free and untouched at the LOS (Line Of Scrimmage) up the gut. The RB is not in position to make the block. The blitz was well timed and the RB is simply out of position. However, what does Glennon do? Glennon runs back and behind his RB, THEN steps right back up into the pocket and throws a dart for the first down. This play should have been a sack if not for Glennon’s feel & ability in the pocket. Look at his head, the man NEVER stopped looking down field yet was able to easily avoid a sack that was right in his face by his ability to move in the pocket and put his RB in position to make a play that originally he wasnt in position to make. This is all Mike Glennon on this play.

#2 Manipulating the pocket
 photo Robert Herron 2.gif photo Robert Herron Alternate.gif

This play doesnt really seem that awesome until you see it from an alternate angle. Glennon shows an ability to manipulate the pocket with pump fakes, something that also goes highly unnoticed but something that guys like Ben Roethlisberger has killed teams with throughout his career. Glennon sees the initial free rusher, but he doesnt “tuck and run” or get all nervous. Instead he understands the route of his RB and uses the route to bait and trick the rusher. Glennon simply looks at his RB then pump fakes in his direction which forces the rusher to react to the pump fake knowing that the RB could be an option. Glennon also has a DT rushing him totally untouched coming off of a twist/stunt play. Glennon totally manipulates him as well with his head movement, completely forcing the DT to move right out of his throwing lane. To further show how Glennon’s head movement fakes out the defense look at the Safety #27 at the bottom of the screen. He’s reading Glennon’s head movement and Glennon completely moved the Safety out of the play while hitting the WR running to the opposite side of the field. If the trailing defender doesnt make that ankle tackle this could have been a TD and it would have been because of the ability of Glennon not to just manipulate the pass rush but to also bait the safety into opening up the right side of the field. Mike Glennon stood firm in the pocket and manipulated two completely unblocked defenders with pump fakes and head movement and turned a play that would usually end in a sack, incomplete pass or a QB scramble for minimal yards into a 25 yard gain because the guy is f’ing smart. He completely owned two unblocked pass rushers on this one play by using very simple tools to buy him enough time to complete the pass. And speaking of pump fakes…..

 #3. Pump Fakes.
   photo More Drops.gif

 Look at the top right of the screen and look how Glennon completely had Polamalu and the CB biting and exposed to his pump fake. How many times have we seen a play design for a guy like Ben Roethlisberger where his ability to give an awesome pump fake forces the defense to react and allows the WR’s on a double move to get behind the defense for a wide open TD? Though this play doesnt show a WR double move given that it wasnt the play design, Mike Glennon clearly shows that he has a pump fake that defenders must respect and will bite on which will help to get receivers behind the defense on double moves for long gains and potential scores. Not only does Glennon use his pump fake as a way to manipulate the pocket and slow down free rushers but he can literally get a WR wide open on a route given how believable his pump fakes are. And given the fact that Glennon throws an accurate deep ball this guy could really make the Jets a serious threat on offense and not just a top 10 statistical offense. Mike Glennon in this Jets offense could produce the most deadly and efficient offense the Jets have ever had…and I mean EVER. Im talking about an offense that could average 30 points a game along with our top 5 defense. If I was Mike Maccagnan, I would be figuring out how to package Mo Wilkerson in a deal to trade to Tampa for Mike Glennon and a 2nd or 3rd round pick, then I would immediately extend Mike Glennon from anywhere to an $8-$10 million dollar a year salary for 4-5 years just to get him under contract long term. Please, leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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